In PopTech's Edition III, measuring real impact

Edition III

PopTech's Edition III is now available online. This Edition explores the latest techniques to accurately measure the real impact of innovations designed to do social good.

Scarce resources and increasingly daunting challenges ranging from poor education to poverty mean that innovators and their funders are increasingly scrutinizing efforts for real, measurable impact. In this Edition, some of the leading experts in this new frontier explain facets of human-centered design, monitoring work over the long term and conducting field trials to gauge results. The days of assuming a good-looking program must be doing some good are coming to an end. 

Thought leaders in this Edition include: 

  • Ned Breslin (PopTech 2010):  CEO of Water For People.
  • Dean Karlan (PopTech 2012): economics professor at Yale and President of Innovations for Poverty Action.
  • Jenny Stefanotti: a fellow at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. 
  • Jaspal S. Sandhu: co-founder of the Gobee Group.
  • Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan (PopTech 2012): Director of the Global Financial Inclusion Initiative at Yale University and Innovations for Poverty Action.
  • Andrew Zolli: PopTech Executive Director.

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